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    7 Improvements That Will Definitely Boost Your Home’s Value

    With the real estate market still in a droop, increasingly people have chosen not to sell their home. Many home improvement projects don’t increase the value of your home, particularly in a down business sector. In fact, a few enhancements can even bring down the asking cost when you choose to sell. Then again, some […]

    5 Reasons Living In Chandigarh After Retirement Is Best Option

    Being a resident of Chandigarh, I can guide you well on settling down in Chandigarh after retirement. Not quite the same as most urban areas in India, Chandigarh is one of the best places for the retirees to settle in. It is commonly known as pensioner’s paradise as most of the population is employed by […]

    Real Estate Market Scope – A Well-Paid Investment Option In India

    “Today, the world considers India to be a place that is known for opportunity for business and investment. We take a look at how 2015 was for the real estate sector, and crystal-gaze into 2016.” The Indian real estate market assumes a pivotal part in clearing the way of the nation’s economy. The real estate […]

    5 Benefits of Real Estate Act 2016 Every Home Buyer Appreciate

     Real Estate Act Bill 2016 has been enacted on May 2016. Here are the benefits a home buyer has been looking for. The much awaited Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 has finally come into force on 1 May 2016 after three years of opposition and modifications. The bill is meant to protect the […]

    6 Types of Home Loan: Decide & Select the Best One for You?

    Given the variety of home loans, it’s crucial to know their types and purposes before taking them. Read here the major home loan types for the right selection. You must have a dream to own your own home. And why not, since it’s the place where you enjoy peace of the mind and comfort without […]

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