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    Make Your House Monsoon Ready with These Ultimate 8 Tips

    Now it’s time to say “adieu” to the scorching heat and welcome the supernatural monsoon showers and refresh your soul. But, before that, ask yourself a question that- Is your home monsoon ready? If not, then you must think of it. The monsoon can bring with it spillages, fungus and different issues, all of which can harm your home, furniture and other significant assets.

    Make Your House Monsoon Ready with These Ultimate 8 Tips

    Homes turn out to be more helpless during monsoon season and it is very vital for you to shield your homes from the desolates caused by rains.

    So, here are the ultimate 8 tips to help in protecting your home from monsoon;

    #1 Properly Ventilate Your house

    If you need to avoid infection, then keep your homes completely ventilated. Let the fresh air enter your home and help in diminishing the moistness and in this way, you or your family won’t experience the ill effects of viral fever. Many of us put wet or moist clothes to dry inside homes because of the rains. In such cases do switch on the fan so that they get dry quickly and doesn’t lead to moist homes.

    #2 Roof Checks

    A crack in the roof can lead to relentless spilling inside your home. In that case, it’s better to call a professional for a help. They will thoroughly check and fix the splits and chinks that are available on the rooftop. You can, likewise, give a precipitation covering over the rooftop so that the rain water doesn’t overflow in.

    #3 Repair Leakages/Cracks

    If there are any cracks or leakages on the roofs, walls, terrace, tiles or some other part of the house, get them repaired on need. Call a handyman to make all water pipes, canals and depletes flotsam and jetsam free. This will stay away from blockages during rains.

    #4 Damp-Proof Wooden Cupboards/Drawers

    The dampness from rain water can reach your wooden cupboards, harming the clothes and other stuff inside. Remember to keep camphor balls and neem leaves between the folds of your clothes to make them safe from silver fish and shape. A couple of cloves sprinkled between the clothes can keep bugs under control. Clothes which are more expensive can be kept in a metal storeroom to keep them safe.

    #5 Electric Wires

    One of the main risky areas in the homes is electric wires. They do have a tendency to get soggy because of the dampness around and in this manner can bring about short circuits and poses as a serious issue. Get all the wiring in your homes checked before/during the monsoons and appreciate a sheltered and glad monsoon.

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    #6 Move Up the Carpets

    Move up your costly covers and place them in thick plastic sheets, and store them away – the moist climate is bad for them. Rather, you could consider choices, for example, bamboo mats or dampness safe acrylic rugs for the floors. Likewise, get foot floor coverings at your doorstep to guarantee mud or slush is not entering inside the house.

    #7 Waterproofing the Walls

    It may be a smart thought to waterproof the walls, both from inside as well as outside. If you are in a region which is heavily exposed to rain, then, although they are already built keeping monsoon safety in mind. But, make sure you check the viability consistently.

    #8 Clean the Home Everyday

    Monsoon cleaning can be a boring task, however, the season calls for extra care of the home. Dry wipes your furniture to keep it dampness free. The floors, tiles and sinks ought to be cleaned with antibacterial fluid.

    Are we missing any of the important monsoon tip for your sweet home? Do share with us in a comment below!

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